EWS Atmega1284P Development Board

EWS Atmega1284P Development Board
EWS Atmega1284P Development Board
Brand: Atmel
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The EWS ATMEGA1284P Development Board is packed with useful functionality to simplify and improve embedded project development. The board is based on the impressive ATMEGA1284P microcontroller (128K Flash, 16K RAM, 4K EEPROM). There are two options for powering the board: 1) through a USB port - there is an on-board voltage regulator (3.3V or 5V, depending on jumper setting) with beef enough to power the board and other connected circuitry, up to 500mA; or 2) the board can be powered from an external regulated supply.

This board offers full functionality of the ATMEGA1284P MCU (all pins are available to board headers). Also included are 3 LEDs and a push button for project use. Programming of the chip occurs in one of two ways: 1) serial programming with the bootloader program already on the board (Optiboot), via the USB-to-UART circuitry on the board (just plug right into a USB port on your PC - no programmer needed!), or 2) standard Atmel programming through the 6-pin ISP header. You can use your favorite IDE to develop applications and program (both bootloader and ISP programming) your board - see the User Guide for examples in Arduino, WinAVR, and Atmel Studio.

Communication was a driving design consideration behind the EWS ATMEGA1284P Development Board. The FTDI chip on the board not only is used for programming, but is also great for communicating with a PC application from your microcontroller application. Also, the board offers an SPI Header (plus extra i/o pins!), a TWI header, and two UART Headers (both with extra i/o pins), designed for easy plug-in and interfacing with any of our wireless breakout boards - plug in to the header, and they're ready to go!

Trouble installing the drivers?


  • Atmel ATMEGA1284P MCU
    • 128K Flash, 16K RAM, 4K EEPROM
  • Bootloader (Optiboot) and ISP programming options
  • Program the board using your favorite IDE, using either bootloader or ISP programming:
    • Arduino
    • WinAVR
    • Atmel Studio
  • Three speed options:
    • 8MHz
    • 11.0592MHz (max speed rating for 3V use)
    • 16MHz
  • SPI, TWI, and 2 UARTs
  • 3 LEDs and 1 Push Button for project use
  • Power from any USB port
    • on-board voltage regulator - up to 500mA
    • 3.3V or 5V - choose w/jumper setting
  • Plug in any of our Breakout Boards and GO!
  • Board size: 3.35" x 1.02" (85mm x 26mm)

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