EWS AT32UC3B1256 Breakout Board

EWS AT32UC3B1256 Breakout Board
EWS AT32UC3B1256 Breakout Board
Brand: Atmel
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Been looking for a low-cost introduction to the 32-bit family of microcontrollers from Atmel? Here is your chance. The AT32UC3B1256 is a fast, low-power 32-bit MCU and we have it for you on a breadboard-friendly Breakout Board! With a clock speed up to 60MHz, 256K Flash, and 32K RAM bring on your largest applications – and run them with battery power! Use the internal oscillator or the board's 12MHz crystal as the PLL source to set your clock speed.

Also, this chip is preloaded with Atmel's DFU bootloader to program the device over USB! (Did we say that the chip has a native USB port!?) Atmel offers an extensive software framework for their 32-bit line loaded with drivers and code examples to help you jump right in and get moving with your apps.

Read on for the user friendly features of this breakout board:

  • 500mA Fuse on the USB port
  • 500mA 3.3V Voltage Regulator
  • STURDY USB receptacle – 4 thru-hole pins on it for a secure PCB attachment!!!
  • Full pinout of the AT32UC3B1256
  • Choose your programming flavor
    • DFU Bootloader via USB
    • Atmel programmer via JTAG pins
  • 12MHz crystal – use w/internal PLL to set clock speed
    • 60MHz max CPU speed
  • Low-power – about 0.3mA/MHz in active mode
  • 3 Solder Jumpers for user customization:
    • EXT – feed the on-board voltage regulator from:
      • USB port (“EXT” soldered - default)
      • 3.3V-6V external supply (“EXT” unsoldered)
    • BP – desolder to bypass the Voltage regulator & use external regulated supply
  • 3 user LEDs – Red (PA06), Yellow (PA07), Green (PA08)
  • 2 push buttons:
    • SW1 – /Reset (use to reset MCU)
    • SW2 – PA05-GND (for user-defined program use)
  • Mounting holes on board
  • 0.100” pin spacing – fits nicely on a breadboard

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