EWS ATmega32U4 Breakout Board

EWS ATmega32U4 Breakout Board
Brand: Atmel
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Here is the ATMEGA32U4 from Atmel, offered on a Breakout Board with standard 0.100" headers, perfect for a breadboard. This is a handy MCU from Atmel, offering everything that you love in an ATMEGA chip, plus USB!!! Also, the chip comes preloaded with the Atmel DFU Bootloader, easily programmed using Atmel's FLIP software. We have designed this board full of user-friendly functionality.


  • 500mA Fuse on the USB port
  • 500mA ADJUSTABLE Voltage Regulator
    • Choose your regulated voltage using the on-board jumpers:
      • 3.3V or 5V (5V is regulated, not just USB 5V)
  • STURDY USB receptacle - 4 thru-hole pins on it for a secure PCB attachment!!!
  • Choose your programming flavor
    • Bootloader via USB (Flip Software)
    • Atmel programmer via on-board 6-pin ISP Header (AVRStudio or WINAVR)
  • Choose your clock speed (order accordingly):
    • 8MHz (3.3V-5V)
    • 16MHz (5V) - note: 16MHz at 3.3V is considered overclocked by factory specs, but many do so without issue. Choose wisely when ordering.
  • 3 Solder Jumpers for user customization:
    • EXT - feed the on-board voltage regulator from:
      • USB port ("EXT" soldered - default)
      • 3.3V-6V external supply ("EXT" unsoldered)
    • HWB - enable/disable pre-loaded DFU Bootloader
    • AVCC - disconnect AVCC from VCC for ADC use
  • 3 user LEDs - Red (PB4), Yellow (PB5), Green (PB6)
  • 2 push buttons:
    • SW1 - /Reset (use to reset MCU, and also to enter bootloader)
    • SW2 - PB7-GND (for user-defined program use)
  • Mounting holes on board
  • Bootloader
  • Flip Uploader

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