EWS FTDI Breakout Board

EWS FTDI Breakout Board
EWS FTDI Breakout Board
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This is our breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial UART interface. And may we say that you won't find a better FTDI Breakout Board out there! The board is easy to use, and is very handy for communicating with your serial TTL devices. The board has two options for a basic communication header:

  1. 4-pin (TX, RX, VCCIO, GND) - this header will work with any of our breakout boards that use UART communication (including our ATMEGA1284 Development Board).
  2. 6-pin (DTR, RXD, TXD, VCCIO, CTS, GND) - Arduino header with DTR pin for use with Arduino auto-reset feature.

This board also features a clearly labeled male header with a jumper clip for selecting the board voltage level (3.3V or 5V) - no more soldering/desoldering or cutting traces for voltage configuration!

Trouble installing the drivers?


  • Board Dimensions: 23mm x 38mm
  • Male Header w/Jumper for voltage level selection
    • 3.3V - even source your project (up to 50mA) w/on-chip regulator!
    • 5V - USB voltage (VUSB)
  • Configurable I/O pins
  • Royalty-free USB drivers from FTDI
  • Low operating (15mA typical) and USB suspend (70uA typical) current
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible
  • TX and RX LED indicators
  • Two communication header options for easy connect:
    • 4-pin - TX, RX, VCCIO, GND
    • 6-pin Arduino - DTR, RX, TX, VCCIO, CTS, GND
  • Full breakout of the FT232RL

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